ICC Topographic Map of Catalonia / Catalunya, Spain

Below is an ICGC (the equivalent of the OS) topographic map of Catalonia / Catalunya.

GR (long distance paths) and a few local paths are shown at some zoom levels (but, strangely, not the highest zoom level?). However, many local footpaths are not shown at all, especially in National/Local parks. Neither is there any indication of which paths/roads are public or private.

However, this is by far the best online mapping available for Catalonia.

Guidebooks: It's very important to get the latest edition, as there are lots of new developments on this section of coast, as well as right-of-way issues, but also newly opened paths. For example, the Cami de Ronda (coastal GR route) is a fair way from the coast in many places due to access issues - hopefully it will be improved over time.

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Techie issue!

The map below is not working as the ICGC (Catalonian OS) haven't yet upgraded their map tile server to use "https", and Chrome now blocks all non https images.

You can allow them on this website only, by doing "site settings" (the padlock symbol on the URL toolbar) | "insecure content" | "allow"

Hopefully, they'll fix it soon.

Updated: Nov-20

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