ICC Topographic Map of Catalonia / Catalunya, Spain

Below is an ICGC (the equivalent of the OS) topographic map of Catalonia / Catalunya.

GR (long distance paths) and a few local paths are shown at some zoom levels (but, strangely, not the highest zoom level?). However, many local footpaths are not shown at all, especially in National/Local parks. Neither is there any indication of which paths/roads are public or private.

However, this is by far the best online mapping available for Catalonia.

Guidebooks: It's very important to get the latest edition, as there are lots of new developments on this section of coast, as well as right-of-way issues, but also newly opened paths. For example, the Cami de Ronda (coastal GR route) is a fair way from the coast in many places due to access issues - hopefully it will be improved over time.

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